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Glendale, AZ

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Providing acupuncture and physical rehabilitation therapy to help enhance your pet's quality of life and decrease pain.  Dr. Venable practices medical or "Western" based acupuncture to supplement your pet's general medical care.  Physical rehabilitation applies human physical therapy techniques to your dog in order to help restore normal mobility / movement (after an injury, surgery, or other degenerative condition), reduce pain and inflammation, and improve function / quality of life.   It can also help prevent chronic issues from developmental problems such as hip dysplasia or patellar lunation. 


Who we are and what we do

Veterinary acupuncture and physical rehabilitation therapy for your dog or cat by Dr. Jessica Venable.  Centered in the North Scottsdale / Cave Creek region of Arizona - mobile (in-home / house call) services.


If your pet is having difficulty getting around, in pain, recovering from surgery, or just isn't physically fit enough to enjoy life, we can help with in-home care.  

Led by veterinarian Jessica Venable, DVM, CCRT, CVA - AZ Pet Acupuncture and Rehabilitation creates intensive, directed treatment plans aimed at speeding healing, recovery and return to function.  Dr. Venable has extensive training in both Western veterinary medicine as well as newer and more varied treatment methods to try to keep your pet happy and active.  She is certified in Medical Acupuncture (a western / evidence based approach to an eastern treatment) as well as canine rehabilitation (using human physical therapy techniques to increase mobility / decrease pain and treat muscular and skeletal injuries).  She also has a special interest in multimodal pain management, which helps animals get better relief from their pain through the use of more than one technique / medication.   

Dr. Venable‚Äôs in-home treatments allow you and your pet to benefit from compassionate, non-invasive treatment for your dog or cat in the comfort of your home environment.